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8468rI’m guessing that you want to go to Paris. Maybe for a week, for a year or for a lifetime. If that is the case, then welcome to my world: I travel a lot, and I even immigrated – the extreme version of a language immersion, so we are practically related.

Let me first say that, if you don’t master French yet – which is probably why you are paying me a visit – I went through the same thing when I immigrated to Canada. Only my journey was in the opposite direction: I had to master English. So I know exactly what you are going through, and I mastered English in writing (amongst others, I’m a blogger for The Huffington Post) and as a speaker (I even performed on stage and film).

But even if the languages are different, there is one thing in common: conversation anxiety in an immersion.

When landing at the Montreal airport, I was welcomed by an immigration officer, a lovely lady who I had to report to. I was elated! I would finally speak my language in the country I chose to be my new home. Pulling my large luggage (I’m 5’1″ and 100 lbs – most luggage is “large” for me) with an energy I didn’t know I had after the transatlantic flight, I sat down in the immigration office on a chair that looked too new and too clean, compared to the antique look that most objects have in offices in Europe. I open my purse and handed my official papers to the officer (trying to hide my blisters from the luggage), I sit and wait for the questions.

Little did I know that the next minutes will bring me the most unexpected surprise of my short journey. The lady officer was speaking to me in a French… that I couldn’t understand. “Say what…?” – my mind was dizzy from the trip and from the shock. Québec French was definitely not agreeing with me. After the first few seconds, realizing that I don’t have much choice but to try to communicate – otherwise I was visualizing myself being deported back home – I put together a strategy that proved to be brilliant. I don’t know how, but it worked. Not only did it work for me then, but I used it in my first job at “The shopping channel” with great success, and my students use it all the time in order to make conversation possible when they don’t understand what’s been said to them.

I’d like to mention that the lady officer had a very thick Québequois accent, and I was not acquainted to it, because TV5 International – which I had been watching in Europe – uses show hosts who speak standard (Parisian) French.
So my technique was simple: I started to look for the words I did understand. Then I asked a question about that word. The officer had to answer my question, this way she slowed down, and I understood easier what she was saying. Every time she’d speak faster than I could understand, I’d ask for clarification on a word I did understand. And so on. We parted as friends… but to me, that experience was terrifying.

So, see? Pronunciation is more important than we think it is, in real life.

Fast forward, to learn the correct English pronunciation (in Canada, everybody has their own), I hired a language coach to learn Standard English (yes, this is an actual thing: an accent where California English meets British English). She has a wonderful Great Dane – Nigel, and we connected immediately. I was so happy to finally have someone to help me fix my accent, and we started. There was me, my books, my tapes, Sarah (my coach) and Nigel.

We started to work together and very quickly I realized that – even though I considered myself fluent in English – this pronunciation thing was going to be bigger than my ego. After a few minutes, I had to admit that I couldn’t hear my own mistakes. Sarah was saying “no” and “yes” to my pronunciation, and I had no idea why, because to me the words sounded the same. We worked for a couple of months. Each word in English has a pronunciation that I had to learn, because there are very few rules. So, we covered some words before she moved to Vancouver. Now I was in trouble. I had to figure out something on my own. So I did. I got a CD from Berlitz, and I started to practice daily for about an hour, the words that I heard there. And I practiced until I could hear my own mistakes. It took me about 2 years, without the help of a coach, to be able to hear them, and correct myself during conversation.

Later I learned that the ear grows receptacles for sound much like the body grows the fat cells.

My experience with English and Québec French motivated me to find or create techniques that make this process organic, fast and fun. One of the things that makes my programs different is that from my past of being an actor I actually have certain techniques that apply to helping you learn French faster – like Ear Gymnastics, Deep Practice, Sense Memory, and Committed Impulse. There is nothing more boring than painful mechanical memorization of words and rules. Instead, I like to make conversation from the beginning, and incorporate the new words or grammar directly in the conversation. This way, you can be “fluent” at every level you reach, confidently using what you know in conversation at a lower or higher level of sophistication. Make stories with green monsters or flies who eat blueberries with me, and you’ll forget that you’re learning French, and the language becomes what it’s supposed to be: a tool you use to express yourself.

That’s why I love helping successful professionals and business people become fluent in French, and create a world where there is no language barrier, where they can create beautiful memories, and are inspired to pursue their dream no matter the circumstances, while finding the fun in challenging situations as they immerse in the French language.


title - my mission

Discover your potential when language is not a roadblock – make conversation no matter what level you are at, and speak French at an advanced level to never need me (or any other tutor/teacher/coach) ever again, as you immerse yourself in the French language!

Welcome to the enchanting world of the French language!

My name is Llyane Stanfield, and I am here to show you how easy is to become confident (and fluent) in French, when you know how to tweak a little your habits in the right direction.

Want to know how this applies to you?

Do you ever wonder how did Meryl Streep learn to speak German fluently, as well as learning a Polish accent for “Sophie’s choice”, or that perfect British accent, for her role in “The Iron Lady” in just a few months? Do you want to know how you can have people think you are a native French speaker? Then read on…

J’Ouellette® Method is the #1 French Learning Method to use in order to become fully bilingual, get the new job, land the new client, travel the World – The World class method that prepares you to master a skill for life and immerse yourself in the French language.

With J’Ouellette Method you will:

  • Boost your confidence in speaking a second language
  • Improve the health and development of your brain while you learn French
  • Get the potential to double your income as a bilingual expert

    Why Parisian (standard) French?
    Because you will make yourself well understood all over the world, and you’ll read and write faster than you thought possible.
    Once you master it, you can, on demand, put on any accent you want.

    Because I teach you learning techiques that apply to languages and beyond, I am striving to be the LAST French language coach you will ever need.

    Click here to tell me about your specific challenges and I’ll send you my custom tailored strategy.


    Making a difference

    pencils of promise
    was founded in October 2008 with the hope of building just one school by creating a movement of people who saw themselves as global citizens, regardless of age or status. Starting with a $25 deposit, they are now a global movement of passionate individuals who have built more than 300 schools. They are fiercely committed to supporting a world with greater educational opportunity for all. I’m honored to direct a portion of my sales to support Adam and his team in building schools around the world. One child, one pencil at a time.


    title - my bio

    Expérience professionelle

    Présidente de l’entreprise et instructrice privée pour les étudiants de tout âge et niveau (débutant, intermédiaire, avancé, les entreprises) depuis 2002.

    J’ai aussi travaillé avec Forvo.com, Listen & Learn, Language Trainers et .

    Dans le passé, j’ai travaillé avec: ESH Centre des Langues, Club Z Tutoring Services, Explanations Unlimited Educational Institute comme instructrice de langue française pour étudiants de tout âge et niveau, ainsi qu’avec l’École élémentaire catholique Saint-Jean-Baptiste et Gardérie Petit Bâteau comme éducatrice pour enfants entre 4 et 8 ans (j’adore les enfants!!!).


    • Maîtrise de l’Université
    • En cours d’obtenir le certificat d’entraîneur international de langue française (International Certificate of Language Coaching, recognised and accredited by the International Coach Federation ICF)


    Llyane Stanfield And now, since you read thus far, here are
    10 of my quirks (do you relate?):

    1. I’m a learning nerd (I have a Masters Degree, 2 College Diplomas, and countless Certifications; fluent in 3 languages (yes, French is my mother tongue), I’m actively learning every day Spanish, Italian and German – yes, I’m learning 3 languages at a time – so I know a thing or two about learning;

    2. I have a yellow lab, named Luky (she’s a girl!);

    3. I practice yoga every day because I want to do that hand-stand thing;

    4. I know almost all the lines from “Friends” by heart (told ya: nerd!);

    5. I like to invent new words and expressions when I talk and write;

    6. I like to rock climb on natural trails, but the artificial ones don’t make any sense to me;

    7. I live in Toronto in the summer because I love humid hot weather;

    8. I love dancing in high heels and I’m usually the last person standing at parties;

    9. My two favorite cities in the world are New York City and Paris (they constantly compete for the first place);

    10. I love to travel, and the top 3 most exotic destinations on my wish list are Australia, South Africa, and Dubai.

    BONUS See what is the story behind the name J’Ouellette.

    I’d love to know what makes you tick! :)


    À très tôt,
    speak Parisian French

    French Language Coach, Pronunciation and Conversation Expert
    (In training for holding the International Neurolanguage Certification)
    Founder and Creator of J’Ouellette® Method



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    Llyane is a Parisian French language coach, and founder of the J’Ouellette® French Method – an organic method using techniques that are employed by the world’s finest linguists. She travels between Toronto, New York and Paris, while teaching French via Skype in more than 15 countries. She is a French language neurolanguage coach for successful professionals and business people who wrestle with learning French on their own, and she helps them to instead speak Parisian French confidently in their travels and in business, and impress their friends, family, and clients by willing to broaden their horizons in ways that most people will never attempt. She has produced an unprecedented Intensive Program and French Pronunciation Master Class, as well as other visual and teaching materials. She now spends a large portion of her time in Paris, where she also organizes an annual Immersion Retreat 1:1. Her unique methods produce a quantum leap in conversational confidence, and a short session with her is the perfect start to brush up your French (whatever your level!) in preparation for your next trip to Paris.

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