The Parisian French Boutique for the Jet-Setting Professional

Don’t Let Your Rusty (or Non-Existent) French Stop You From Enjoying Your Next Trip To Paris!

  • Do you think that your pronunciation is terrible because you have no one to correct you?
  • Do you love French and feel that you’ve tried almost everything to learn it in the past [so and so] years, but you’re still not thinking in French?
  • Would you really love to become fluent, to understand the culture inside out, but you haven’t taken action on this desire, because life happened?

    Welcome to the Signature J’Ouellette® Experience!

    1. Self Study Program
    From Newbie to Oh, là-là

    Don’t let your rusty (or non-existent) French stop you from enjoying your next trip to Paris! Learn must-know language and culture to get by in your next trip to the city of light.

    2. One-on-One Program
    J’Ouellette® Intensif

    Master the French Conversation at a solid High Intermediate to Advanced level* of conversation, and be the person others admire for being able to speak more than one language.

    3. VIP Immersion Retreat

    Come to Paris with me, have an incredible immersion experience and totally transform the way you speak, by immersing yourself in the French language and culture!


    satisfaction guarantee



    To learn more, and find even more ways to work with me, and to see if I have spots available, contact me here!




    * Looking for ADVANCED courses? contact me to find your level.

    ** Ask about my Referral Program and the Testimonials Giveaway, and don’t forget to check my Booking and Cancellation Policy

    *** Why Parisian (standard) French?
    Because you will be well understood all over the world, in the trips you want to make, the bilingual job you want to have, the business contacts you want to make. Parisian French lessons also help you read and write faster than you thought possible.


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