Here are a few of my wonderful students (and admirers of the J’Ouellette® Method), and their Success Stories using the Parisian French Learning Program – J’Ouellette® Method.

Thank you all SO much for your kind and beautiful words!


“I have not regretted for one second my decision to work with Llyane and to take her course.”

I could not be more satisfied with Llyane and with the outstanding program that she offers.

The lessons are consistently challenging but not overwhelming. They are brilliantly interwoven so that the student is introduced to new concepts by leveraging and reinforcing material from previous weeks.

Llyane is an exceptional teacher. She is very patient, and, without a doubt, she knows how to teach the language. She has the ability to take me out of my comfort zone so that we can concentrate on my weaknesses. At the same time, she doesn’t allow me to be critical of myself.

With Llyane, I have learned that my mistakes are not to be loathed but are instead to be embraced as opportunities to learn and to grow. It has been my experience in life that people with such understanding, insight, and guidance are rare.

I give Llyane my highest recommendation to anyone who wants to learn French or to improve upon what they already know. I have not regretted for one second my decision to work with Llyane and to take her course.

I only wish that I would have found her sooner!

~ Troy Teague, CTO and Board Director
United States

aaron “My French skills have dramatically improved”

I had not studied or practiced my French in several years. I met an older gentleman from church who had lived in Germany and spoke fluent German when he lived there. He told me about how he let his language skills go and now cannot speak German at all. Hearing this story prompted me to seek out a French class to pick back up my language skills and improve them. I wanted to take an online class due to the flexibility and not having to drive anywhere. In fact, I wound up moving 3000+ miles away from where I was living when I started and I have been able to continue on the same program.

My French skills have dramatically improved in the last months while working with Llyane. By working on a one on one basis with Llyane, she has been able to point out misconceptions about pronunciation and grammar that I have had since beginning to learn the language. For example how to pronounce “huit”, a word that I learned very early, but have been saying incorrectly and no one else ever corrected me! Just today, I had a dream where I was speaking French to a lady on the phone planning a vacation. I directly attribute this experience from my classes with Llyane.

What I like best is that Llyane is ways available to ask questions. Having a flexible schedule and the convenience of online classes. I can still get a weekly class in regardless of where I am.

Being able to speak my native language when necessary has helped immensely to understand grammar constructs that I did not understand previously. It has also helped me in pronunciation like in the word “coudre” where “cou” rhymes with the English word “who”.
Having weekly lessons with Llyane has helped to keep me on track to learn French. Even when I have an extremely busy week and don’t have much time to practice I always have our hour together each week.

My first child was born four months ago. It’s my hope that he will learn to speak French as well. Because all languages are foreign to him, we watch French children shows together like Rue Sésame, Caillou and Monde des petits. It’s a special time for us together and I even pick up lots of new vocabulary. Having Llyane there to ask questions about things that I read or watch and getting further clarification has been invaluable.

If you consider learning french with Llyane and are hesitant, I’d say to you: Do it! Llyane is an excellent coach, and having an online course can fit into your schedule!

If you are someone who wants to maintain and improve your French language skills, especially if you are in danger of losing the skill that you have already gained, you shouldn’t delay for any reason. Llyane is an excellent teacher and available when you need her the most. I’ve experienced a dramatic improvement in my French.

~ Aaron Conran
United States


“I haven’t regretted taking the plunge for a second”

I took advantage of the J’Ouellette program with an eye on generally expanding my work horizons. What I got was a whole new way of looking at the world. I’m well on my way to becoming fluent in French but, in addition, I’ve learned not to underestimate myself.

Llyane has a way of unlocking one’s potential that transcends simply learning another language. Her vast array of experience in a variety of industries translates (excuse the pun) into an exercise in re-examining one’s goals and ambitions. Her generosity of spirit allows one to tackle things which may have seemed intimidating in a safe, non-judgemental environment.

I would advise anyone to take advantage of what this lovely lady has to teach. I haven’t regretted taking the plunge for a second, and I’m fully confident that anyone else who invests in themselves in this way will agree. Llyane has my 100% endorsement. Elle est un entraîneur incroyable… en français aussi bien que dans des compétences de vie.

~ Will Scott – Public speaker
South Africa


“After only three lessons I felt I could already hear the difference in my accent… In 5 short weeks I have noticed a tremendous improvement in my spoken French”

Llyane is a fantastic teacher!

I came to her because even though I went through French immersion and even took some university courses in French, I knew I had a terrible accent and serious problems with grammar. These issues kept me from succeeding in French and made me nervous about speaking. After only three lessons I felt I could already hear the difference in my accent, and I was understanding principles and rules of French grammar that had eluded me through years of education. I had intended to take lessons for only a short period, but I have been having so much fun during her lessons that I can’t stop!

In 5 short weeks I have noticed a tremendous improvement in my spoken French abilities – in terms of vocabulary development, accent and grammar, and have started getting lots of compliments from native French speakers on my French! I highly recommend Llyane as an instructor. Her methodology works. At the end of each class my confidence was improved and I had fun doing it. I can’t recommend her enough.

~ Trish MacDonald


“after five weeks… I took myself by surprise speaking French”

“This is just to say that after five weeks of taking Llyane’s Intensive Course I took myself by surprise speaking French, automatically and without thinking!

I was in a cafe in an English speaking area and was at the counter ready to order my lunch and pay for it.
The woman working at the counter spoke French to me (she is French but speaks English typically as she is in an English area) for some reason (maybe I look French?) and I spoke right away back to her in French, ordering my sandwich and coffee. She asked me a couple of questions about my order and I responded in French! She understood me, and didn’t change to English so I must have spoken correctly! She kept on speaking French, telling me my total amount to pay, and I understood everything she said! There was no fear, no hesitation, no second guessing, no translating in my head first, just plain French coming out of my mouth!

Afterwards, once I sat down, I was so proud of myself.

I started with Llyane by signing up for the Intensive course. I had only elementary school french education, and wanted to finally slay the dragon so to speak and learn to speak fluently! I have always wanted to speak French well and to be comfortable speaking to others, and while I have attempted to it was always with hesitation. My brain would go into lock down, which I think is pretty normal.

So I have been very motivated and interested in the learning of this language, with the intent of being able to have conversations easily. I told Llyane one of my biggest hurdles to overcome was fear.

I really enjoy doing the lessons.

The first few weeks, especially by the third week, my brain felt like it was shutting down. I told Llyane this and she explained to me it was all a normal process and not to worry. Sure enough, the following week my brain had assimilated the knowledge gained thus far, and I felt much more comfortable going forward. It was like my brain was resisting, then it just unlocked!

I am amazed that after five weeks I had an unplanned, spontaneous conversation with a stranger, in French!

All this to say that Llyane is a very patient, kind coach and numerous times I have felt badly about my pronunciation and incorrect spelling and grammar. She has always responded with kindness and patience. I highly recommend her courses!

~ Catherine Parker


“fun, personal and personable”

I had my assessment session and it was a fun fast-moving hour where I got caught up on what I’ve retained from years-ago and what I need to work to keep my Français moving forward. I highly recommend this fun, personal and personable young lady who’s only there to help.

~ Nathan Tannenbaum, Show host at NathanTannenbaum.com
United States


“I was apprehensive because I started with no knowledge of French”

“I signed up with Llyane to learn a little French for a trip to Paris because I wanted to be polite and learn some basic phrases and manners before I went. I was apprehensive because I started with no knowledge of French except for the word “please” and the phrase “thank you very much” (and I was not even pronouncing those correctly). This evolved into me taking additional courses with Llyane so I could converse with people and comprehend practical conversations rather than just knowing a few phrases that I could say to people.

Llyane’s virtual French coaching has helped me learn how to read, write and speak French within a few months, so that I can move on to her more advanced classes.

This is so much more valuable than learning phrases but not knowing what to say after someone responds to you in French.

Her professionalism, patience, and focus on making my experience unique are what motivate me to take additional classes with her. She tailors the learning experience to each person’s needs and level and that is what makes her programs so valuable.

I highly recommend Llyane’s French coaching for any person, no matter what level you are at, because her passion for teaching, flexible schedules and her personal interaction with addressing your specific needs (rather it be verb conjugation, training your ear to hear in French, honing in on what you don’t even recognize that you are weak at or something unique to you) are what makes her programs fun and worth the investment in yourself.

~ Kathy,
United States


“I was frustrated that nothing I learned really stuck”

“I took French for a year but still struggled to understand or string together complete sentences. I was frustrated that nothing I learned really stuck and didn’t find my classes very motivating.

Llyane puts a lot of emphasis on pronunciation, and I realize now how much it matters! It means the difference between past and present, singular and plural. I also like that Llyane gives etymological context to why some words are spelled a certain way. It really helps me remember how to spell them, and it’s just fascinating! Llyane also has great energy, so I always feel motivated to learn French. She doesn’t let me get away with mistakes, which is great, because it keeps me from turning into a lazy learner.

After just a couple of months, I’m able to correct my own pronunciation while speaking. My comprehension of spoken French has also improved because I now notice the little nuances in pronunciation. During a recent trip to Paris, I was able to say some things in French without getting puzzled looks from the Parisians. I also realized how much my comprehension of French has improved. I notice subtleties in pronunciation and I’m able to communicate better in French. I also really enjoy reading French magazines out loud and recognizing my own pronunciation mistakes.

I think Llyane is a great coach for people who think they don’t like, or aren’t good at, language learning. She helps you discover and untangle your bad learning or language habits and tailors a method that works for you. I wish she also taught Spanish and Italian because I’d like to improve those as well! I’d recommend her to my mother and friends who want to travel to France.

Llyane has helped me develop better learning habits, and we incorporate grammatical concepts through conversation practice and pronunciation. ”

~ Joni Savage,
United States


“Her expertise is priceless”

I’ve been Llyane’s student for 6 months and in my opinion she has been an excellent French teacher.

I always had trouble learning French in school, due to the lack of attention that I would get from the teachers about my personal mistakes or failures to grasp certain elements of French, whether they be grammar, spelling, pronunciation, etc. That is something that Llyane has been able to really go above and beyond with.

Her expertise is priceless, and it’s something without which I cannot imagine succeeding as well in learning the French language. Thank you for all your help Llyane, you’re the best!

~ Daniel Thomas


“Working with Llyane is life changing”

One of my biggest fears of learning another language was having to speak it to others.

Data mining written information, especially day to day or marketing, is relatively doable. Pronouncing? Especially when written in front of me? A whole other story.

So, imagine my delight when Llyane had me discovering words for myself in lesson. And I did.

There it was. On a page. No place to hide or squirm. Just take it slow. Slow-er. Some French pronunciation rules finally made sense. And I could use it. Not overwhelming and not moving on too quickly or jumping on to something that didn’t relate in my mind.

And this is one of the many areas she shines. Very quickly upon jumping in, Llyane tailored what we were doing – to me and how she could best help.

Even my sweetie said – “She was really good. She is like what a teacher is supposed to be.”

Llyane also starts from a place of “the student can do this”. I so appreciate her holding that space. She is very effective and efficient and certainly makes the most of sixty minutes.

Llyane came highly recommended from a friend and still she surpassed what I imagined.

She made me really understand how my saying words or phrases quickly really doesn’t fool anyone. Nothing is masked by that technique. And actually just produces gibberish. All that, while-kindly-helping me build confidence.

And I had fun. She never let me sit in “I am overwhelmed”, “I want to give up”, or the fluster of “I don’t know”. There is just no room for that when working with her.

I also learned of new strengths and what I am naturally good at and one way to use them strategically. And how to not let that hamper my actual learning.

And at the end of the lesson, she wrote out how I should practice after making sure I understand why that sequence benefits my particular abilities and difficulties.

She was also able to answer a quick cultural question and increase my understanding of the French and other Europeans.

And lastly, in addition to the thrill of discovering room in my subconscious and ear for a new language, I learned so much about me. Working with Llyane is life changing.

I consider the opportunity to work with her to be such a gift.

~ Deborah, Photographer
United States


“Learning a language without stress”

It is a pleasure to take French classes when you are offered the opportunity to be open, without fear of making a mistake when saying a word, a nuance or a during a verb conjugation!

Glad to have a tutor who can do all this, and being able to adapt to what a student is, and what a student could be at their best. Learning a language without stress, what can be more fun?

So, French with Llyane? A piece of cake!

~ Peter Bennett


“This course has helped me undo French language errors”

“I moved to Paris in 2005 to start and operate my Paris tour company Nuit Blanche Tours. I lived in Paris for a few years, spending 9 months each time for the first few years. As a Western Canadian, I was armed for this adventure with only my spotty (and forgotten) school French and cereal box reading, plus 6 months of listening to language tapes. As a disciple of pure immersion to the French language and culture, I gradually learned French by talking to waiters in cafés, with Parisian friends and from other Anglos whose French was as bad as mine!

Llyane’s pronunciation course was brilliant and helped me to finally learn proper rules and break down words very slowly so that I could distinguish between sounds. This course has helped me undo French language errors that tragically I know I had been making and I can’t wait to try out my new skills in Paris this June and July. Merci beaucoup Llyane!!”

~ Karen Heinrich, http://nuitblanchetours.com


“A renewed sense of self-confidence in which I find myself saying for the first time in many years, “I can do this””

I have had the same dream for my life since I was five: to travel and learn. All the steps and measures I have taken thus far were made with this specific goal in mind. I am, to put it lightly, inflexible and resistant to change. The engineering and mathematical side to me prefers systems with consistent structure with practically no deviation. In addition, I have unparalleled expectations of the people in my life and of myself. Llyane took me on as a pupil despite all of this and because of her guidance I am in the terrifyingly surreal position of accepting a renewed sense of self-confidence in which I find myself saying for the first time in many years, “I can do this”.

Llyane marries a systematic approach to learning with a refreshing, whimsical outlook on the subject of the French language as well as life in general. This “multidimensional” method opens the door to seeing the world around you in a new light almost as if by magic. The reality of what is happening to you as you move from the first lesson to the last is reminiscent of that fantastical journey of dreams. In short, the J’Ouellette system is much more than an online class. It is an experience that changes your perspective on life, inspires you to reach new goals and potentials, and allows you to relieve yourself of the rigid walls of traditional learning.

As for Llyane herself, in her you gain a friend and confidante who can simultaneously coax and demand from you only your absolute best. She encourages mistakes, embraces personal quirks, and remoulds herself to fit each of her students in order to become an individualized rock of support. Her “back-to-basics” concept of teaching offers you the chance to experience how appreciating to simple things in life can open your eyes. She dares you to dream, challenges you to push past any misconceptions you may have about yourself, and, when all is said and done, leaves you feeling a little wiser and a little more French.

~ Leah Downey
United States


“The people in my life cannot believe how much I have learned in such a short period of time!”

I am very grateful to have come across Llyane.

I knew almost no French when I began with her nearly 6 months ago. I am now moving to France in one week, and although I am not yet completely fluent, I am confident in my abilities to communicate effectively.

Llyane paid very close attention to my specific needs and gradually geared her style of teaching towards them, becoming a perfect match for me! I was constantly being challenged and being kept on the edge of my abilities, never bored and never overwhelmed. The people in my life cannot believe how much I have learned in such a short period of time! I love learning French now and cannot wait to utilize what I have learned!

I am sure she can do the same for you! Thanks Llyane!

~ Laura Licata, student


“This is so valuable when many of us live busy lives but want to make the most of our free time.”

I am so grateful to have found Llyane’s “J’Ouellette – Learn Parisian French on Skype”.

I was finding the slow progress of previous large group lessons frustrating, and kept “hitting a wall” with my grammar. This set-up is exactly what I had been looking for, but couldn’t find! An efficient way of learning in my own time, but also incorporating intensive one-to-one sessions with Llyane – fantastic!

Llyane has created a method that is both enjoyable and addictive! In the short time that I have known her she has already been so kind, generous and flexible, working around my schedule and needs, even when we are on different continents! This is so valuable when many of us live busy lives but want to make the most of our free time.

Thank you so much for sharing your passion for the language and creating this excellent programme Llyane, I can’t wait for my next module & looking forward to the rest of my French language journey with you :-)

~ Sioned Owens, Ski trainer
United Kingdom


“has helped me gain confidence in speaking French properly”

I have always wanted to learn French as a second language. And with Llyane’s help I have made a huge improvement. Llyane has a wonderful way of explaining the French language.

She takes the time to ensure that you understand and incorporate correct French grammar and pronunciation into your conversation!

She explains the rules of French in a way that makes sense and helps you naturally apply it to your learning. 

She has helped me gain confidence in speaking French properly. Llyane has a wonderful way of coaching her students.

I was impressed with the lessons and will recommend her to anyone who is motivated to learn and speak French!

~ Vanora Reghelini, nurse


“super-impressed with the attention to detail”

Even with two semesters of university level French linguistics courses I still struggled with pronunciation of new words and continued to inflict my American accent on French pronunciation. It was evident that knowing the “rules” hadn’t brought my pronunciation to the level it needed to be because I was still getting puzzled looks from native French speakers as my mispronunciations and/or accent often changed the meanings of the words I was using.

After Llyane’s Master Class in Pronunciation I can hear the difference it has made in my pronunciation! Better still, I have become more aware of my pronunciation errors as I hear myself speak and can self-correct. The pronunciation class filled in the missing pieces for me. For the first time, I now see and hear the patterns, organization and structure behind the pronunciation of French words.

~ Debbie Cochener, France Travel Info
United States


“My teacher… said that you provide good french teaching”

I found you on Facebook where I read a post saying that you sometimes offer free webinars. I had already heard of you before when I was learning beginner’s french from my teacher. She mentioned you during a class  :) …so I googled you. She said that you provide good french teaching. Merci beaucoup for the crash course! :)

~ Mae


“most importantly, thank you for not letting me give up on myself”

Llyane, I just wanted to thank you for helping me get through today’s lesson. The first few minutes into the lesson I truly felt like giving up on my dream of being fluently bilingual. But, by the end of the lesson, I felt much better and that is due to your patience and your wonderful ability to bring out the best in your students.

So, thank you for not giving up on me, but most importantly, thank you for not letting me give up on myself.

~Naomi Klazer, Senior Business Analyst


“will definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to speak french, needing a refresher, or traveling to France!”

Llyane has a wonderful way of letting you try something to see what you are naturally going to say, then coaching you into the correct pronunciation and explaining why. The rules of French build upon themselves and once she teaches you WHY it is said that way, it begins to make sense and you naturally apply it to the new things you are learning. I was most impressed with my lesson and will definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to speak french, needing a refresher, or traveling to France!

~ Mary Sterk, Artist at justmarydesigns.com
United States


“Truly a godsend solution for someone who needs to get somewhere fast and does not have a lot of time”

As a very busy business owner who wants to squeeze in French lessons and practice on a weekly basis… on a schedule that works for me…

I am sooo thankful to have found LLYANE and her “Learn Parisian French on Skype”! I look forward to my homework and look forward to excelling — in part for Llyane, herself, who is so generous and focused in helping ME get to where I want to be… and, more! She is an intuitive and excellent teacher… Truly a godsend solution for someone who needs to get somewhere fast and does not have a lot of time… lots of energy!

So highly recommended!

~ Hanna Guerra, Business Owner at thebusygenie.com


“With just an hour or two, you can see improvement in yourself and learn to have fun with French!”

Llyane is absolutely amazing!

I am currently a grade 11 student at a French extended school and have been practicing and perfecting my French language skills with Llyane since the summer before grade 9.

She is such a great teacher, since I get a chance to talk freely and practice conversation skills with her on a weekly basis.

My final goal on learning French was to gain the ability of speaking French, a third language, with little to no difficulty.

French extended high school is filled with long writing assignments and pages of grammar work. That is why I think my lessons with Llyane are helping me a lot towards my actual final goal.

She helped me gain confidence in talking and making mistakes. With her, there are no marks or grades. With just an hour or two, you can see improvement in yourself and learn to have fun with French!

Like I said before, Llyane is absolutely amazing!

~ HyeJin Park, student


“colleagues… are impressed”

Excellent work in promoting language learning online, J’Ouellette! Your link was sent to colleagues who are also impressed.

~ Janette Sedgebeer, Founder and Consulting Director of Executive Language Tutors
United Kingdom


“There’s no way to describe it”

I just want to talk a little bit about the wonderful week that I’ve had with Llyane in Paris, the culture that I’ve been exposed to. Obviously I’ve came here to be immersed in the language, but this was more than the language, it was the culture, it was the life of Parisians. I know for sure that I would not have had this experience without Llyane and we also met a very good new friend named René-Gustave who’s also very charming and took an exceptional trip and made it even a little bit better. We had just an amazing time.

I would say to anyone who’s considering coming with Llyane in Paris that if you have some doubts, that’s natural, I’ve had my own doubts but what I’ve learned, what I’ve taken away from this is that I know the language better than I thought I did, and knowing the language even a little bit made this trip to Paris, which I’ve had many in the past, much richer, and its a very good experience not only interacting with the citizens in Paris, ordering food, talking to the great people of Paris in the street but going to Louvre and the cooking class we did it’s just a richer experience. There’s no way to describe it.

The best way to know what I’m talking about is to come here yourself … so we’ve had, like I said, we’ve had an amazing time, so definitely I’ll be coming back to Paris, and if she’ll have me, I’ll come back to Paris with Llyane as well. It inspired me to study the language even more, probably more intensively because now I see that it’s within reach and I would say that almost every doubt I’ve had about learning French dissolves, and I’ve certainly fallen in love with Paris and its people.

~ Troy Teague, CTO and Board Director
United States


“Her method is effective and easy.”

I had tried to sign up with a French language school in my city but just couldn’t make my schedule work with theirs. Llyane is super flexible and was able to fit me in at various times throughout the week to meet my needs.

She immediately honed in on my particular issues and I became aware of mistakes I’d been making for years. I also finally really understood why some French rules are the way they are. I had many aha! moments while conversing with Llyane over Skype.

Her method is effective and easy. I always look forward to our sessions.

~ Kim Alf


“If you are looking to learn or improve your French, Llyane is the one to call.”

I highly recommend Llyane as a French teacher.

My daughter has been Llyane’s student for almost 2 years. During this time she has improved her French substantially, has gained more confidence at school and she is looking forward to every lesson with Llyane. Llyane offers fantastic learning methods based on the student’s needs. I am very pleased that I have found a great French tutor.

If you are looking to learn or improve your French, Llyane is the one to call. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

~ Dorothy Szczerbowicz, Real Estate Agent


“My warm and sincere thanks for preparing me for Paris.”

Our two weeks on rue Mouffetard in Paris was superb! Best of all, I enjoyed the chance to speak French! It was interesting how formal shop keepers can be. Never heard “salut” – always more formal. I did lots of listening and copying. It was so useful knowing about “future proche” and using it easily.

My warm and sincere thanks for preparing me for Paris. I greatly appreciated all your wise teaching and will enjoy reviewing what I have. I’ll enjoy your newsletter and minute-a-day lessons.

All the best for your trip later this summer.
With appreciation and gratitude,

~ Mary Wilson
Toronto, Canada


“I am a lot more confident than I was 3 months ago.”

I thank you for all the good you have done me. It may not seem like it but I am a lot more confident than I was 3 months ago. All thanks to you.

~ Josh Schaffer, pilot
United States


“I was quite shy about actually trying to speak French”

My lesson with Llyane was terrific. I learned some French on my own prior to the lesson but never used it in conversation, so I was quite shy about actually trying to speak French.

Llyane was amazingly friendly and encouraging though, and pretty soon we were all but conversing in French!

The atmosphere managed to be both friendly and professional, and Llyane’s tips were on point and proved useful later on. All in all a great experience, and highly recommended!

~ Eyal B


“I couldn’t imagine to be able to write the dictée on the third lesson with just two mistakes!”

I couldn’t imagine to be able to write the dictée on the third lesson with just two mistakes! Awesome! This positive result inspires me to do much more than I expected from myself. Thanks a lot, Llyane! I really look forward surprising my friends in a few months :)

~ Natalie,
United Kingdom


“The way she teaches is what makes learning french for me, enjoyable and fun! “

I have been taking weekly Skype lessons with Llyane for almost 2 months now, and it’s been great!

I find her teaching style to be very, very good and extremely helpful. The way she teaches is what makes learning french for me, enjoyable and fun!

I had taken french lessons 2 years ago with another teacher, but that teacher’s approach was not fun and she made it extremely difficult for me to retain what I had learned in the class. With Llyane, I am able to retain much of what I have been taught in each class, with some minimal repetition. The class ends with me feeling good about what I learned and motivating me to move to the next lesson each week.

I would highly recommend her to anyone! Her programs are first class, and Llyane knows what she is doing. If you are thinking of signing up with her, do it! You will NOT regret it!

~ Mike Southwood, National Account Manager at Quinco and Co. Inc.


“we now conduct the lessons in French, something I would not have believed 3 months ago.”

I have been learning French with Llyane for 3 months.

I find the lessons fun, friendly and stress free, but most of all very informative. My French has improved so much so, that we now conduct the lessons in French, something I would not have believed three months ago. Llyane is flexible with the times of the lessons and organizes them to suit my needs.

I find Llyane highly engaging and a great teacher, but beware: these lessons and Llyane are highly addictive!!!

~ Ian Mccaffrey, Owner at Crosby Plasterers
United Kingdom


“her product… is YOUR SUCCESS “

Llyane is an effective teacher if you want to learn to speak, think, and write French. She has an excellent correcting ear and reinforces you positively. Her accelerated program is very effective. The program builds comprehension and confidence.

Llyane is extremely flexible with your schedule if you are a professional with other time obligations. At the same time she does not compromise her product which is YOUR SUCCESS.

The program is a fine value for what you get.

~ Michael Craig, Restaurant Owner
United States


“I couldn’t have done it without you!!!”

I did receive my tests results and I received my ‘B’ level in both my reading and writing tests!!! I’m over the moon!!!

Thanks so much for all your help – I couldn’t have done it without you!!!

~ Kate Hehir, Human Resources Specialist


“Quickly I build up my confidence in speaking French.”

I have had Skype classes for a few weeks with Llyane.

I got rid of the doubts I usually have with a teacher; she is very keen in detecting what I am missing and brings me on the right track. She provides summarized notes after each lesson, which emphasizes the places that I need to pay attention to. Quickly I build up my confidence in speaking French.

Thanks Llyane! I shall follow you for a long while.

~ Lucy Liao


“She teaches the student how to be self sufficient, and not need a tutor anymore”

I am the biggest skeptic with regards to online services and products that look too good to be true. I had researched for a few weeks before I decided to contact Llyane. She took all the time needed to answer my questions and concerns, with great patience.

I decided to register for classes with Llyane because the product and service look so professional on the site. It also seemed that the personal touch and attention will not be missing, like we see too much at other tutoring services. I was delighted to confirm my initial gut feeling, once I started the classes.

In a few weeks, I got a firm grasp of grammar – the stumbling block that had always previously prevented me from a solid comprehension of the language.

Llyane catered the lessons to my needs and in a very short period of time gave me tools to create French sentences and not just mimic or memorize phrases. She individually tailors courses to address the student’s specific needs and helps to improve weaknesses; both my daughter and I received the help we each needed.

She teaches the student how to be self sufficient, and not need a tutor anymore, giving the necessary tools to manage unknown expressions by resorting to rules that I didn’t find other teachers use.

Thank you very much for a job very well done!

~ Kelly Albert


“She has her ways of teaching and, let me tell you- it WORKS!”

I am really impressed with the Skype lessons.

Llyane is well organized and well educated. She definitely knows what she is doing. She is very passionate about French as well as very patient with her student.

She has her ways of teaching and, let me tell you- it WORKS!

Thank you Llyane! All the best for the future :)

~ Eva Lacna, Account Manager at dentalmartsales.com


“helped him achieve and maintain improved grades in class”

My son has benefited greatly from French lessons with Llyane, which have helped him achieve and maintain improved grades in class.

He is much more confident in speaking French and Llayne’s lessons enabled him to participate on a more advanced level in his class at school.

Highly recommended!

~ Christine Allen (mother of student aged 13)


“I am now able to read and understand French well.”

My mother set me up for Llyane’s tutoring September of 2011. At first I was apprehensive, but now that I look back I realize that it was foolish to think that way. Llyane has taught me practical French – something that I found absent in my curriculum. With the new found grasp on the language, I am now able to read and understand French well. Because of Llyane’s help, the transition between elementary and high school level French has been much easier.
Thank you!

~ Sophia Ivachko


“showed us her level of professionalism”

My wife and I have hired Llyane as a virtual tutor to help our 13-year old with her French-immersion school tests.

Not only would Llyane go over the scanned textbook (Science, Québec History) pages we emailed her for review with my daughter, she would also guide my daughter in finding answers to her exam practicing questions. Besides, Llyane would take advantage of any time that was left (out of a 2-hour lesson) to have my daughter read parts of the text out loud, thus encouraging her to improve her pronunciation. Llyane would always keep us in the loop via either phone or email, which showed us her level of professionalism.

My daughter is thankful to have Llyane as a tutor.

~ Kleber Rebello


“helped and inspired me to do things that I only dreamed of doing”

Dear Llyane,
Thank you again for your incredible kindness.
I so appreciate your concern and caring for me and your all students. You’re a great teacher…
I read all of your sent emails and it helped and inspired me to do things that I only dreamed of doing.

~ Waheed Hashime

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